Monday, 4 July 2011

What's Up: Osmosis

Jamaicans live to be entertained and Kingston is the dealer that provides us with the limitless intoxicating drug of parties that we can never get enough of. When we're at home or work from day to day we start to get restless. We fidget and itch, waiting for our fix, the sight of home or work nauseates us and then we remember, "Yes the weekend starts today = Party!!" We are a social hub for flashing lights and urban entertainment at it's best.

Most brands of parties are enough to get us out of the dump and settle our minds but there are some brands that are raw, strong, potent. People will pay top dollar for one go of it,  some of the best highs you can imagine and one of those brands is OSMOSIS. Osmosis is definitely one of those events that people have on their calendars from the 1st of January. It's rare; only twice per year and party junkies, and fashion fanatics never miss the opportunity. This is truly an exquisite drug. The party is super all inclusive; from the venue, to food and drink, to the music to unedited fashion, Osmosis creates the ultimate experience.

Saturday July second was the All Star Edition of Osmosis and promoters did not fail to deliver. The venue was Fort Charles which created a perfect backdrop for the night. Let us not forget, Osmosis is a fashion playground and patrons always take their look very seriously, this year was no different. As usual they turned out in high numbers to enjoy themselves. Outfits were planned down to the thread and the ladies were almost obsessive at getting it right. Our fashion bunnies thought of it all and that in itself made the event that much better, I mean its just a much happier place when you share it with effortlessly fly people.

With food and drink on the house there was absolutely no reason why patrons would not be on cloud 9. Admittedly the night got off to a relatively slow start. I guess this was the time patrons took to meet greet and eat but the party definitely lived up to its name and at about 2:30 the experience really started to kick in with Coppershot at the helm. Everybody was in their own little bubble and it almost seemed like they were drunk off the experience.... or maybe it was all that liquor at the bar. The fusion of music, food, and liquor pumping through your veins at 180 mph definitely gives you enough adrenaline to keep you pumped and ready for your Monday morning blues.

Although unfortunately, this little escapade only lasted for a few hours it was definitely enough to string you along and have you desperately waiting for the next opportunity to live it all again. I'm sure your if you weren't there your wishing you had made it and if you were well thank you all for contributing to one of my more memorable nights of the summer. It was definitely a pleasure.

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