Friday, 8 July 2011


This is probably my favourite time of year. Even if you have work or school there is just something that's so much more relaxed than Januarys or Septembers. Blue skies, a big bright sun, little kisses from the wind...... oh boy I Love Summers!!

Summers for me inspire a sense of boldness and reckless abandon that I don't have all year round.  This summer I'm daring people to look at me, daring myself to stand out in a crowd for one reason or another. My first approach to this? Through my clothes.... and what better way to separate yourself than to invite Neon Shades into your closet. 


It embodies the life of summer. The reds, the blues, the yellows, the pinks, all done ultra bright captures the essence of everything around you. It says your ready to go out an enjoy yourself, regardless of what anybody else thinks. I don't know about anybody else but my outfit influences or reflects my mood for the day. The excitement of the outfit stimulates you and urges you to carry that energy throughout the day. Why would you not want that little beat in your system?

Most trends can be tweaked here and there to suit everyone; THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE. Neons are obvious, spunky and playful without losing its edge. But before you step into the Neon domain boost your attitude. When you get to an event dressed in neon colors your saying 'I'm here. Take note.' You wont be stepping into the spotlight, at this point you are the spotlight. If you are not ready to step out into a crowd and be confident and leave an impression don't do it. If you cannot deal with the stares and maybe even some glares, leave it alone.

Because the colour is bold and beckoning you don't have to do much guesswork when you buy your item. Neon pieces are usually kept simple and to the point. What people will remember most about your outfit will be the fact that you did a neon shirt or dress. It'll be pretty hard for them to get over that bridge before they can even try to remember the rest. If you don't feel ready to do a very obvious item try shades for starters or maybe something dark like black shoes with a neon rim. Whatever is within your comfort zone......


On second thoughts, I dare you to go all out! Step outside the social box for a few hours, it may be the purple, the pink, the yellow the orange, whichever..... just go for it! I promise you'll love every minute of it!!


Dare to be Bold.

Dare to be Confident.

Dare to Stand Out!

KA Blogger Stazii

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