Tuesday, 28 June 2011

SOCiAL STYLE: Think Prints

So I’m in the party and this chick walks by and I’m like 'OMG she looks so fly!'….  I should make her the Diva of the week. And then I stop and go, 'but she only has on a simple top and a normal skirt though…..' *confused face*….. then I thought it must be the crop top, *but half the party is wearing that*….. then I realized that hers just stands out and then BY GEORGE I GOT IT!!!!! The pattern was just so billboard, Grammy, Oscars number one!!!! That’s what made her different. The colour, the direction, the texture, the pattern itself…. everything just worked for her.

From tiled prints, to animal, floral, or geometric, electric, eccentric and mind boggling exciting prints and patterns have seeped their way back into the hearts of fashion designers. There is nothing like the right print on a hot romper or button ups and it just adds that little Je ne sais quoi to the outfit. However before

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

SOCiAL Chat : Kim Nain

Singing sensation Kim Nain is fast becoming the most sought after live act. The young singer is thrilling her audiences with her powerful vocals and commanding stage presence, being described as Toni Braxton meets Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson with a hint of Rihanna.

Kim Nain was invited to perform and open the show for Fashion Connections as the voice of the future after her outstanding performance at Village Blues Bar in May 2010. Distinguished guests Jeff Robinson who is Alicia Keys

Monday, 20 June 2011

What's Up: Twisted Spiritz

Hey guys!

The party of the week was "twisted spiritz". It was held at caymanas polo club, which is usually a pretty nice venue. Twisted was sponsored by Smirnoff... so it was liquor inclusive with little snack bits being offered to attendees such as frankfurters and soup. In the V.I.P booth, liquor and food was inclusive, as per usual.

Unfortunaley though Twisted turned out to be a disappointment to most patrons. Some complained that the venue was too big while others say it wasn't well supported and the crowd was too small.

 Patrons sipped their liquor while dancing to ZJ Johnny Kool as he gave the party some life! Other selectors that were featured were Coppershot, DJ Nicco and DJ Narity.

There were some familiar faces such as Wayne Marshall, Bling Dawg, Chris Gayle and a few others.

Although this party was lacking the party goers seemed to have had some amount of fun as they didn't start leaving the venue until about 4:00 am. 

So although the name TWISTED SPIRITZ is hot unfortunately the party wasn't.
We are all keeping our fingers crossed hoping that SMIRNOFF DREAM WEEKEND TWISTED SPIRITZ on 29th july 2011 will definitely deliver this time!

That's it for K.A's party review
Am your girl, POSH!

Further coverage of the event can be viewed on our facebook page!!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Designers We Adore: Minka

Q: What is your name?
A: Gillian Natalia Patrice Francis

Q: What is your occupation?
A: I like to say I’m a creative being; I don’t like to be labeled because I do so many things apart from being a fashion designer

Q: What/who inspired you to become a fashion designer?
A: To be honest I didn’t want to become a fashion designer per se, I wanted to do music and drama but because of a low budget I always made my own clothes and people started liking it and because the music wasn’t really happening right away I got into fashion and before I knew it my friends started writing me up in the newspaper then I showcased on Dweight Peters’ show and from there it just blew up.

Q: How would you describe the type of fashion that you promote?

Saturday, 18 June 2011

SOCiAL HotSpot: Sexy Tuesdays

Event: Sexy Tuesdays
Promoters: Samantha and Jermaine McGregor in collaboration with 007
Location: "El Negro y Blanco"  3 Dumfries Rd, Kgn 5 (New Kingston)
Sponsor: Bullet Energy Drink

So I'm home on Tuesday night doing absolutely nothing. So my friend calls me up and she's like lets go hang out somewhere. I'm like 'LOL its a tuesday though aint ntn much do except clubbing and I not feeling a club vibe.' OH BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

Sexy Tuesdays is new event on the calendar that is exactly what Kingston needs on a tuesday night: a HANGOUT SPOT! We only have a few and not many of them are out doors and relaxed enough. Its like a half a party meets a half a liming spot meets do anything you wanna do while you're there.... brillant huh?

Friday, 17 June 2011

SOCiAL Trend: Crop Tops

The social scene is use to ladies baring their midriffs, we've seen it in the 90's and now its back with a very elegant appeal..... Crop tops 2011. These tops of the moment are much more fitted and sophisticated and they literally look like you wore half your shirt out, this gives them a certain charm and personality.


Most ladies may try to shy away from wearing a crop top because

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

SOCiAL Advice: Personalize

Society is conformity, but don’t get lost in the crowd.

Our daily life in Jamaica requires that we blend in. In pre-school, we learnt to colour within the lines, in high school they gave us uniforms, now it seems everyone wants to tell us how to walk the social tight rope. Dress this way, talk that way, don’t go there, and not dressed like that etc. While the KA Bloggers realize we may be a little guilty of that too, we realize that standing out a little may go a long way.

Rules are necessary for seamless functionality but nobody ever got anywhere just toeing the line. Of course your resume must fit certain criteria but add a splash of your favourite colour! Yes, work attire must be modest, but add your personal flair. Make every trend your own and never 
apologize because your life gives you certain boundaries. You may be surprised how many times a little personality makes all the difference.

No one pays big bucks for what they can get every where else. But you'll have to remember that the extra mile is just that: extra. Make sure to meet all the requirements FIRST!

This Kingston Atitud Blogger thinks that the sexiest thing you can be is always yourself!

with just a little fun advice,

Stay posted, guys!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

What's Up: Altitude Black & White

Hey guys!

Here's what's up for the party ALTITUDE, in case you missed it. The turn out was good as patrons danced the night away to CODE Red and Renaissance Dj, Taj. Although a few glitches were obvious, like for some reason or the other, the music stopped playing about three times, but that didn't stop thise party goers from sipping on their liquor. Liquor was in excess as there were strawberry and pineapple daiquiri, coco mania Appleton mixes, etc. A mixture of different age groups were seen and some popular faces such as Wayne Marshall, Usain Bolt, Courtney Walsh Jr, Munga. 

SOCiAL Diva! SOCiAL Hotshot! 3

Our Diva and Hotshot picks for the week are:

We've got our gentleman's Sunday swag and Shelley-Ann Daley of LBD.

Black and white... Classic!

KA Blogger

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Boutiques We Love: Little Black Dress

We all need clothes. Yes, need. What we want is clothes that look great. The KA Bloggers are on the hunt for hot, trendy boutiques that you can go and check out to find stuff that suit your personal style. Every other Saturday we'll be profiling a hot boutique for you. The first in this saga is the Little Black Dress. So this post is for the ladies.

Little Black Dress is a cosy, eclectic, quaint little boutique that really gives you the feeling of being at home with friends picking out an outfit to wear later. That is why I shop there. It caters to women of all ages. The prices are reasonable and of course the selection is hot. Why not go check it out for yourselves!!

Owners: Shelly-Ann Daley and Racquel Lawla
  Address: 94 1/2 Old Hope Road, Kingston 5
Opened: Over 2 years ago

Why it was started?

Shelly says Fashion is her passion. She realizes the cliché but confirms its factuality. Clothes are her thing, while hair is Racquel's thing. Racquel owns a salon just next door to the boutique. It was always her dream to open a boutique, so she teamed up with Shelly-Ann who had the "know-how".

Thursday, 9 June 2011


The summer is back and 2011 fashion trends are blazing hot. Social Kingston is especially in love with the nautical trend. Nautical isn't just a color, or a stripe, or a piece of clothing it is a full on fashion world of its own. The trend is versatile and chic ranging from cool and casual to formal and sexy. This wouldn't be the first time the captain and his crew have been thrust onto the runways of New York and Paris. However this time around designers are thinking less navy and more yacht club. The signature navy blue, red, and bold stripes have evolved to create fashionable pieces that are just to die for.  It is also guaranteed to give the average Jane or Joe a mysteriously sultry edge.

This fashion trend is not particularly hard to capture, however if it goes wrong, it goes SERIOUSLY wrong. But don't worry we got your back and if you stick with these grounds rules you'll be turning heads all day:

The Stripes 
The easiest way to go nautical is through stripes particularly navy blue or black stripes. Do not over stripe. Incorporating stripes can be as simple as a scarf, a pocket or accessories. If you opt for a large stripe item e.g. a dress or jacket,  solid pieces are your best bet at avoiding cheesy. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Who hasn't been to Scotchie's yet?

They've been around for a some time and to me and my friends, they are the perfect stop for a quick, inexpensive meal. Two to ten of us will stop by. We may be staying to eat or we may be on the way to somewhere else. Our orders will range from (my favorite) the jerk pork to chicken, sausage or fish. We get our meal and then it's siting, chatting, laughing and finger-licking.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Name: Sanjay Coppershot Smith
Age: 26
Occupation: Coppershot Studio Engineer, Disk Jockey,  Student

Q: Do you think that fashion has any effect on your industry?
A: Yeah I do. Fashion and the music industry go hand in hand

Q: How important is fashion to you? 

Monday, 6 June 2011

SOCiAL Diva! SOCiAL Hotshot!

Many of the hot events this week were rained out, but we still spotted a couple cuties. As always, full coverage is on our facebook page but the choice picks are right here on our blog!

And here are the top picks for the week!

This hottie was spotted at an Art show at Edna Manley. We love the accessories and the boots are to die for!

Friday, 3 June 2011

GUY Trends: Vests

So you're going to hit the club with your honey or your boys and you pull on your jeans grab a graphic tee or a party shirt but something just doesn’t feel quite right. You try turning it up a notch so you go for a more pronounced piece of jewellery or maybe that brand new pair of converse… mmmmmm, still not working?

Well a reoccurring trend that can definitely super swag your outfit is a vest. SOCiAL Kingston recommends at least one solid black vest in every man’s closet. A vest can be used to dress up any plain old t-shirt and jeans duo. If your tee is really graphic or busy go for a solid that brings out or compliments the general tone of the shirt. The vest may also be used to tone down certain plaids or patterns and tie the entire outfit together.  If you are planning on wearing a subtler shirt then you can dare to be bold. Try going for a statement vest; bright colours, patterns, two-toned, embellished, whatever factually works with the outfit. Just remember, if you go for this type of vest try and make it the focal point of the outfit, don’t have everybody in the club dizzy from watching you move.
Here are some social picks that got their vests right:

simple graphic tee n jeans……. Put on a vest? Sexy ensemble

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

SOCiAL Hotspot: The Terrace at Suzie's

Mojito Mondays are on at Susie's in Southdale Plaza, South Avenue. The Bakery and Coffee Bar, known for its delicious delectables has also captured the interest of those who hunger for nightlife. This spot features music by 007, a full bar and hot ladies on a Monday night. Just see for yourselves.

What a chic little rocker ensemble!