Sunday, 10 July 2011

SOCiAL Advice: Crop it Out!

This pic has been up and around on blackberry messenger profiles and it probably surfaced somewhere on the internet. It is popular because it resonates with us. Its message is simple: focus on what’s important. And invariably what should be most important to each of us is our own selves. 

We all come to points in our lives where we feel we need to make drastic change. Not only is this normal, it is necessary and admirable. The capacity to improve (especially dramatically) is one of those things that separate human beings from animals. What is detestable is maintaining unhealthy relationships or practices for whatever excuses.

It has been said to think hard when choosing friends and harder when letting them go. I second that but when the time comes to let someone go, you know. So let him/her go.

Items can clutter your space making it harder for you to keep things neat or even to find things. Hold on to the sentimental ones if you have to but dump the junk like spam.

Habits are much harder to get rid of than most other things but once they go you’re always better off for it. It may be as serious as smoking or less so, like biting your nails. Man up! Break it! And reward yourself when you take real steps towards improvement.

You bought it but then outgrew it, or it came out of style. Perhaps you lost or gained a few pounds. Whatever the reason, you know that item because every time you put it on you take it off immediately. Wardrobe purge and sell, dump or give it away to the less fortunate. Someone needs it more than you and it is taking up very useful space in your closet.

Now that you’re free, replace the bad of the past with some good: new hobbies, new friends, a little binging on a summer sale.

Just wrap it up with a positive attitude.

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