Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Social Tips for FNO 2011

Fashion Night Out is slowly becoming one of the most anticipated events on the fashion calendar in Jamaica. It’s that one night where a long list of selected stores have an amazing sale out on all or most of their items in stock. When you add that up you get shopping, shopping, shopping!! It’s truly a great experience. Nothing puts me in a better mood than shopping and I’m so happy when everybody else is just out there with me being thrilled by something they just bought and all excited!!! It is just absolutely Fantastic! The experience only comes around once a year and this year’s Fashion Night Out has been scheduled for September 8, 2011 from 5pm – 10pm. From previous experience the streets can get very hectic, and you can also mull around form 5pm to 10 pm and unfortunately come home empty handed. Well this year we had whipped up some foolproof tricks so that you and yours can have the ultimate experience from start to finish. Follow these tips an all you need at the end of the night is a ride home.

# 1 – Make a list of all those things you really need to get at a reduced cost. FNO is mostly about clothing outlets, however a few electronic and household outlets have joined the celebrations and this is the perfect time to get a big budget item.

#2 – Before the actual sale day arrives, browse some stores on the malls to see exactly what is available and what it costs. This way you won’t waste time going into stores that don’t have what you’re looking for. It also gives you the opportunity to figure out what can actually fit into your budget before hand or an idea of how much money you will actually need on the big day.

#3 - Time waits on no man. Be there on time. Sadly FNO only lasts for five hours so whatever you are doing can wait. It is that one day when you have the right, actually the obligation to leave work or school on time and indulge!

#4 – Figure out your transportation before hand. Personally I would not encourage anybody to drive into the chaos of really congested areas such as Downtown, Kingston or Half-Way-Tree. If your early parking shouldn’t be a problem but you just might get stuck in the mayhem and become unable to move when you need to. If you don’t need to drive you can leave the car at home or work and take a taxi the rest of the way.

#5 – Make sure you’re comfortable. It is easy to go from happy to miserable during five hours of walking around and not finding you’re size or brand in your selected store so it is wise to be as comfortable as possible. Take the jacket off after work, and pull on those flip-flops cause you’ll have a ton load of walking to do!

#6 – Baggage Counters are always an issue, they take up a lot of time getting into and coming out of stores. We suggest that you hit the mall with a really big personal bag e.g. a tote. That way you won’t have to leave it at the baggage counter and when you pick up your goodies you’ll only have one bag to be bothered with.

#7 – Make yourself accessible. If you are going out to get shoes do not wear one that has ten buckles and a lace. If you’re going to get clothes do not wear a ten-button shirt, a vest, a pants, and a scarf. Wear things that will allow your fitting process to be as simple and as quick as possible.

#8 – Be aware. Among all the excited people that are out there to shop there are also some that are there to partake of the cash in your pockets.  Keep your money and other valuables such as phones in areas that are always in your sight or can be easily brought to your attention if somebody were to make contact with it. We don’t recommend that you travel with large sums of cash. Most stores accept credit and debit cards, it’s a much safer to utilize these methods.

#9- Be street smart. It is the night of deals but do not believe every deal that the man on the corner offers you. Stick to legitimate stores or open areas where items are actually and obviously on sale. Have all items brought to you and do not be led away to unknown areas.

#10 – Don’t be afraid to browse and get something you didn’t exactly plan for. So after the big budget, if you can, then leave a little room for something you probably don’t need. The night should be fun. Splurge a little………. Or alot!

Check out for a list of participating stores across the island.

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